Virginia Beard

One. What is The Works to you?

The Works to me is a safe spaceā€”a place where I can both push myself to my edge, but also slow down and reconnect with myself. The Works Sweat Studio opened shortly after I gave birth, and it’s been the most pivotal in my journey of coming back into my body as my own and learning to love myself wholly.

Two . What's playing in your headphones?

My personal playlists are anywhere from Cardi B to Tyler Childers to Lawrence to Beyonce to Alt-J. It’s all over the place, but the volume is always alllll the way up.

Three. When I'm not sweating I'm...

freelance writing and editing in a coffee shop, hanging out with my baby Ned, cooking dinner with my husband, or out on the boat getting some sun and fresh air (preferably with a drink in hand).

Four. Come to me for...

Bomb playlists and a grounding practice that’s sneaky hard and very sweaty. I’m also a huge fan of opening with a reading/poem/quote to carry with you mentally through your practice.