Taylor Kornegay

one. What is the works to you

The Works is a sacred ritual. It is a sanctuary of love, connection and empowerment. It is a home where I can channel and reconnect with the best version of myself and remember who I am so I can truly remember that I can show up fully and intentionally in the world. The Works is a practice of growth, evolution, and acceptance of change. There is nothing like the sight of my mat, towels, weights & bands, all set up ready to go at the beginning of class. My friends and teammates by my side. It is a space I can fully be myself.

two. What's playing in your headphones

Anything hype and happy. A fun bop that makes you want to dance. Instant mood boosters. I love a fun remix and mash up!

three. When I'm not sweating I'm

Cold plunging, surfing, studying astrology, listening to a podcast, eating acai bowls, or hanging on the beach. I’m always on the move!

four. A lyric that speaks to me

There is so much beauty in the breakdown!