Susanne Brennan

one. What is the works to you

It’s messy, raw, and real. It’s how I come back to myself, push myself to grow, and become a better version of myself. It’s where I let myself feel all of my feelings and work through the hard things.

two. What's playing in your headphones

Leon, Mt. Joy, The Lumineeers, Caamp, Macklemore, Florence, Dermont Kennedy. Anything that hits you in the heart and makes you feel something. I’ve always loved making playlists and sharing music with the people I love. It’s my love language for sure.

three. When I'm not sweating I'm

Probably spending time outside, with my favorite people, or napping.

four. Come to me for

Good vibes, good music, good sweat, and lots of love. I love a strong workout but I also love to uplift and encourage my people.