Andrea Broyles Hawk

One. What is The Works to you?

The Works is all about undoing and connection for me. Undoing all the excess that’s in my way so I can connect to the space where truth and power truly lie… and then hopefully be a better version of myself for everyone around me.

Two. What’s playing in your head phones?

Big Wild, MC Yogi, and Sol Rising.. and I always like some chill Brandi Carlile

Three. How did you find yourself on the mat?

I dabbled in yoga through the years and began a consistent practice in 2010 after my 2nd daughter was born, then completed my 200 hour teacher training at CPY in 2012. Physical yoga is a workout for sure, but what kept me coming back was the soul… That sometimes indescribable thing beyond the asana that shows us our immense capacity for growth, change, and heartfelt connection to others and the world. As a mental health practitioner my practice also continues to help me see and relate in new ways to those I serve. Movement and mind therapy all around!

Four. A quote or song lyric that speaks to you.

“I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me… I am rooted, but I flow.” Virginia Woolf, The Waves