Sam Hilleshiem

One. What is The Works to you?

The Works is so much love. It’s loving every single version of myself that shows up no matter what it looks like. It’s in the community and not knowing the person next to me but feeling their energy and cheering them on in the push. It’s the love for the hard work and recognizing the practice is more than the sweat. It’s the real and raw emotions and important conversations that come to light. Love fills the rooms at the Works and it truly is the greatest of all things!

Two. What’s playing in your head phones?

If I’m not singing along to Taylor Swift, I probably have a Spotify curated playlist on shuffle! I typically go to ‘Lorem’ for some fun and funky tunes.

Three. How did you find yourself on the mat?

After graduating college in the middle of crazy 2020, I was feeling extremely lost. Thankfully, my bestie bought me a nice mat for my birthday and introduced me to The Works. I’ve been consistently showing up for myself on my mat ever since! It’s become my safe space where I can push myself physically, let go emotionally and still be present with my body and the movement.

Four. What is a quote or song lyric that speaks to you?

Hell was the journey but it brought me heaven.