Nely Rusher-Clark

ONE. What is The Works to you?

Have you ever walked into a space, a place, a room, and instantly felt at ease? Like everything was going to be alright? Well that’s what The Works is to me. It’s a feeling, a space, an experience, an energy, a community, that feels like coming home; that reminds me everything will be alright.

TWO. What's Playing in your headphones?

I don’t often listen to music as a solo experience—it’s typically something shared whether in a fitness class or at home while we cook or live at a bar. When I go for walks around my neighborhood or on the beach, podcasts are playing in my headphones, usually Hidden Brain, Radiolab, Ted radio hour, Revisionist History, Up First, or Freakanomics Radio. As for “let’s kick some ass music” my go-tos are 90s top charts, hip hop, or rap, Yoncé, and any bad ass female artist.


probably still sweating or eating. I also have another full time job and I take my sleep seriously. I’m an 8 hour a night kinda gal. I also spend a lot of time cooking dinner with friends/ loved ones. I find that is where I have the greatest social connection.


abs and ass. If you want to work that peach and burn that core, I’m always here for it. Also come to me if you want to eat sweets, drink wine, and be real. All I need is resistance bands, gliders, cookies, wine, and good conversation. That’s an ideal date to me.