Molly MacLean

One. What is The Works to you?

To me, The Works is a shift in perspective. I like to explain it in an analogy. Most of us live as thermometers, reading and reflecting the temperature and information in front of us. Thermometers react and respond with dependence on their surroundings. The Works creates the shift from thermometer to thermostat. Through the work, the sweat, and the fire, The Works gives the control back to you, allowing you to grow into the thermostat of your own life; the control center that sets the temperature, sets the standards, and challenges others to adapt and respond accordingly. The Works is the flint to the fire that allows us to live in our most authentic form.

Two. What’s playing in your head phones?

Playing in my headphones currently is Waters by Little Bird. They’re local, check them out!

Three. When I'm not sweating I'm...

finishing out my senior year at the College of Charleston, making açaí bowls at Beech downtown, and hanging with my husky, Prudence.

Four. Come to me for...

loud beats, deep movement, vulnerable sharing, and all of the gratitude.