one. What is The Works to you?

The Works is my home, my heart, my release & my redemption. It is practice that challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone, face the uncomfortable, and get real with myself. To get out my own way and become a better person not only for myself, but also for others.

two. What's playing in your headphones?

Anything & everything, but if I were to hit shuffle you would more than likely come across either Alabama Shakes, Missy Elliot, Coldplay, Post Malone, or The Rolling Stones. I listen to a very wide variety of music. I’m always dancing and bop’in around – music is everything to me.

three. How did you find yourself on the mat?

I found myself on my mat towards the middle of my sophomore year at The College of Charleston. That was a really rough year for me: trying to balance my time between working two jobs to pay the bills, going to class every day, studying my ass off, and trying to maintain a social life was exhausting.  All in all, I felt like there was just something missing in my life. I was searching for an outlet where I could dissipate some of the emotional and physical tension that I had been holding onto. That was when a dear friend of mine introduced me to Yoga. I immediately fell in love with everything about the practice. From that day forward, Yoga became my escape and my forever teacher. It is on my mat, my four corners, where I have cried, where I have fallen, where I have picked myself back up, where I have laughed, where I have learned, and where I have always felt most alive.

four. Quote or song lyric that speaks to you

” What makes us who we are in this moment is the path we take, a path with no particular destination or endpoint.  Each step forward or backward informs and determines the quality of our evolving soul. It adds depth to our experience, but still, is is not who we are; it’s just the journey we take to come home – only to find we’ve never left, and what we’ve been looking for has been within us all along.”
– Seane Corn