Katie Suzewitz

One. How long have you been teaching movement?

Since I was 16! So, 12 years ️

Two. What is the works to you?

A space for me to continuously grow physically and mentally. I always leave feeling inspired by all the strong and beautiful souls that fill each room.

Three. What's playing in your headphones?

Any tune with a great vibe is my jam. Also love me some oldies.

Four. When I'm Not Sweating I'm:

Finding a cozy spot to meditate/snuggle with my cat or on the water with my boo thang chasing sunsets.

Five. Come to Me For:

A chance to let loose and celebrate what your body can do! We will practice traditional movement as well as fresh combinations. We work to stay out of our head and present in our bodies by focusing on what our body needs. Whether that be a physical push or a deep breathe.