Katie Penta

ONE. What is The Works to you?

The Works to me is a dynamic blend of heart work, vinyasa flow, core sculpting moves and creative cardio bursts. It’s everything you need wrapped up in one hard af class.

TWO. What's playing in your headphones?

Music is EVERYTHING! I’m into such a variety but love me some hip hop from Beyoncé and Lizzo to Drake and Meek Mills. Coldplay makes my heart ache for my momma. Any remix that pulls something from the 80s or 90s and makes me want to dance. I love all things Mumford and Sons, Maggie Rogers, Pink, Rihanna and Kygo. I could literally go on for hours.

THREE. When I'm not sweating I'm...

a momma to twin daughters, Sienna and Alexandra. Love my girls! And right now I’ve just created this event to raise money for people with ALS. My mother had it and it’s crazy expensive to care for someone with the disease.

FOUR. Come to me for...

a crazy fun, energetic way to push your physical body while strengthening what lies beneath the physical. Come to me ready to get real and raw and meet yourself with a whole lotta grace and love.