Christina Goodear

one. What is the works to you

The Works is a place where I come to grow and I can find myself over and over again. When I first stepped into class years ago, I was all about my six feet of mat space and what the practice could do for me. At first, it was very physical, then started to help me work through some anxiety and struggles in my life. In moments of clarity, I began to see the Works as a place that I was a part of, but was also much bigger and more important than me – a community of amazing (like, amazing) people! Although I still show up for myself on the mat for some of the same reasons as in years past, I also strive to show up for others in the room – our – room and that gives me such joy and purpose. The Works allows me to be my authentic self and see others in that same light.

two. What's playing in your headphones

Everythinggggg (well, except metal and country) – old stuff, new stuff, EDM, female artists, pop, hip hop, acoustic tracks, and straight bangers.

three. When I'm not sweating I'm

I’m sweating next to you in someone else’s class! Outside of the room, I’m working as a clinical pharmacist, wrangling my 2 kids and husband, traveling all over, or having dinner and drinks with friends.

four. A lyric that speaks to me

“We came here to live life like nobody was watching.” -Macklemore