Chandler Frisbie

ONE.. What is The Works to you?

The Works to me is home. No, really. I probably spend more time in this studio than I do in my own bed! This form of movement therapy is everything I need combined into one beautiful class that has given me the tools to create a powerful life outside of the room’s four walls. It’s my safe zone, my community, it’s the place where I have been able to feel strongest in both my body and my mind. The Works is an evolution, a movement. It will evolve WITH you no matter how your body or mind may be feeling that day. It has allowed me to reintroduce myself time and time again. The Works transforms your body, but the physical is just an access point for so much more. There will be friction in all aspects of life and this practice has taught me how to move through it without judgement. The Works is everything I need and more. It’s heart work in the purest of forms.

TWO.. What's playing in your headphones?

Mumford and Sons, Trevor Hall, anything with a good beat, I’ll listen to. I love anything and everything from old school hip hop, to country, to folk. Making playlists has always been a hobby of mine. I truly believe music can change the energy of a room and the energy of a person in a heartbeat. Music is medicine for my mind.

THREE.. When I'm not sweating I'm...

Still sweating! Haha! Sweat and movement really is my love language. But I do love my ocean waves and beach days on Sullivan’s, teaching and riding at The Works Cycle, hanging out on Shem Creek, traveling the world and hanging with my family and my kitty cat, Sage Willow.

FOUR.. Come to me for...

High energy, always positive vibes, good music, a good sweat and a tough workout that will leave you feeling strong in both the mind and body. Come early and talk to me before/after class! Community is so much of why I love doing what I do. Connection is something I’ll always bring to my classes and something I cherish outside of the studio walls forever.